"The value of experience is not in seeing much, but in seeing wisely."

William osler | Father of Modern Medicine


It's our approach that makes us different

As the champion of customer experience for your organization, you’ve got enough to worry about. Implementing a new CX program (or migrating an existing one) is the last thing you need on your plate. Our collaborative process builds confidence so you can rest easy knowing you’ve entrusted the right partner.

There for our clients every step of the way, CX Advisors has delivered hundreds of successful programs, both big and small, across dozens of industries. Through these experiences we've developed a proven process that mitigates risk and assures long-term satisfaction.



Our planning process starts with you. Investing as much time as necessary, our team will lead an initial scoping to ensure that your organization’s needs are translated into the features and functionality of Qualtrics.

Once agreed upon, we'll coordinate an Integration Review and Design Workshop for your program. These sessions will take place over several days, allowing us to put faces with names, properly introduce what it is we do, and get to know more about organization. While in-person meetings are preferred, access to class-leading video conferencing technology affords scheduling and geographical flexibility.



Whether your refreshing an existing program or building one from scratch, the process can feel overwhelming. At CX Advisors we understand this and promote open communication, along with the clear guidelines, that keep your entire team well-informed.

Your program consultant will deliver a Live Project Plan that provides visibility into the project status, task ownership, timelines, and potential dependencies. Through our innovative Asset Tracker, you will be able to upload and reference project materials and important documents without having to dig through endless emails.



The key to a stable, scalable program is the foundation it sits on. As Qualtrics XM Platform experts, we have developed a number of resources that promote efficient user testing.

The first resource is our Test Hub. This survey testing portal is complete with dynamic text, meta data, and emailed results, which will allow you to quickly isolate defects and submit change requests directly within the application.

You will also be guided by our User Acceptance Checklist. This resource will walk you through the most important and high-risk areas of your program to ensure what we deliver is consistent, stable, and to your specifications.

Finally, we'll share a plan for future optimization of your program. Your business will change and your customers' needs will evolve but our Optimization Plan will ensure your program is moving you forward - not holding you back.



The success of your program isn’t just important to us - it’s everything. Our Core Team Training and User Onboarding Package provide you with the resources needed to manage and grow your new program.

Both can be completed onsite or via video conferencing, and will equip you and other program managers with the tools to effectively train your users. Training materials are hosted in your dashboard environment, which gives users the ability to resolve their own questions and issues.


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Customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by year 2020

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